Successful DAHON China Distributor Conference Wraps in Yunnan

Successful DAHON China Distributor Conference Wraps in Yunnan

National partners and DAHON management and support met for strategy, sales and test riding activities

14th – 15th of March – Dali, Yunnan. DAHON met with national distributors for the annual China distributor conference.

Agents from across China gathered for the DAHON China Distributor Conference (DCDC). The conference celebrated the accomplishments of 2022, including our outstanding distributor team, as well as outlining our plans for 2023.


Speech from Dr Hon

David T. Hon, CEO of DAHON, warmly welcomed the crowds, expressing his gratitude for the agents continued support and co-operation, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. He acknowledged the hard work and dedication of DAHONs outstanding distribution team, which has led to 3 years of consecutive growth for the company. Dr Hon emphasised the importance of maintaining a mutually supportive relationship between DAHON and the distribution team, and closed the speech praising this relationship.


Unveiling 2023’s line-up

The conference provided distributors with an informative showcase of DAHONs latest models through a variety of videos and speeches. The commercial director discussed the company’s product vision, highlighting the importance of adapting to consumer demand for a personalised and diverse product range in order to meet customers diverse cycling needs.


Plans for 2023

Various members of Team DAHON also gave speeches, outlining the company’s plans for the current year.

Deputy Marketing director, Yan Xiaoyan, highlighted the marketing strategy and provided agents with insight for market optimisation. In the future, DAHON plans to invest more into product upgrades, marketing promotions, and publicising benefits to make the company more appealing to consumers.

Insight was provided into DAHONs future sales strategy by sales department manager, Mr Xu. It was emphasised that DAHON intend to continue to provide distributors with ‘win-win co-operation’, and DAHON outlined a plan to provide agents with technical services, sales support, and extend incentives policies to achieve the “win-win” philosophy.


Speeches from distributors

Several exceptional distributors shared their remarkable performance and industry expertise.

A Beijing agent, He Zhangting, provided insight into the local market and outlined the differences between regions. The speaker sharing his methods and stressed the importance of a providing a solid service to appeal to consumers.

The second speaker, Yin Shuchun, provided a summary of his professional journey with DAHON, highlighting his rapid accumulation of industry expertise during his short time working with the company. He shared his experiences of aligning his business practices with DAHON’s values and strategies. He closed his speech by emphasizing the importance of hard work, using his own career success as a testament to his strong work ethic, as he managed to distinguish himself from the team of agents in just a few years.


DAHON distributor awards.

2022’s success would not have been accomplished without the dedication and outstanding work of our distributors. Many agents have made exceptional contributions over the past year, these people were honoured for their outstanding abilities, performance, progress and development.


Everyone at DAHON is so pleased with the success of 2022. We are grateful for the continued support from our distributor team. In the future we will continue to pioneer green energy initiatives and advocate for low emissions travel, while working in synchrony with our distributors to provide consumers with innovative bicycle models for a variety of cycling needs.