The History of DAHON in Poland

The History of DAHON in Poland

Poland in the 1960s – Folding bikes started to become popular among the public. Whether in big cities or on the countryside, people started to become addicted to this handy means of transport. They were even sold in the USA under the Universal brand. Until the end of the 70s, children and almost all adults rode folding bicycles. Later, bicycle fashions changed and folding bikes were in less demand, but by the end of the 20th century they returned to the streets of cities and villages. Of course, Pawel Grześkowiak owned a folder as well.

When he wanted to go on a camper-van vacation in 2000 with his wife, they needed new folding bikes. Unfortunately, at that time good quality folding bikes were not available on the Polish market. Finally, on a stop-over in Belgium, they found nice, modern folding bikes in a shop. This is how Pawel discovered DAHON bikes. They bought a Boardwalk, which became the first DAHON bicycle to come to Poland.

Pawel, an economist and trader by profession, graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and worked for several years in the Fiat’s Polish car factory as an assistant director. He was also a rally driver himself, and president of a motor club.

Start Of a Success Story

Since 1982, Pawel has been running his own company. First, in the transport and used car industry, but since 1993, together with his brother Mariusz, they established the company GRZESKOWIAK s.c. which still exists today.

In 2001, he and Mariusz, who is a car construction engineer, planned to establish a new car dealership, but the costs were too high. That’s when the great decision to change their direction came.

They wrote a letter to Dr. David Hon with a proposal to introduce DAHON bikes to the Polish market. Once the consent of Dr. Hon was obtained, the company Grześkowiak s.c. became the first DAHON distributor in Poland. With industry experience and a background in trade and marketing, the GRZESKOWIAK s.c. found immediate success.

Pawel and his brother were often covered by national newspapers and magazines and were even invited to nationwide TV with a bike presentation.

The DAHON brand has become known in Poland as the producer of the best folding bikes. Folding bikes have become fashionable again and many companies have resumed the production and import of cheaper brands. In 2007, Grześkowiak s.c. received the DAHON Best PR award and opened a new company headquarters with showroom and service department.

Time For a Change

In 2014, with the consent of Dr. Hon, Arkus Romet took over the distribution of DAHON bicycles in Poland. Grześkowiak s.c. still remained the main dealer and services provider with a warehouse for spare parts. As of today, Arkus Romet is no longer a distributor but Grześkowiak s.c. still has the only specialist stationary and online store in Poland with DAHON folding bikes, supplied by BBF Bike. Pawel himself is widely known in the cycling community as the DAHON brand “ambassador”.

Next year, in 2021, we will celebrate 20 years of DAHON in Poland, which may be the start of a new generation…

If you are interested to receive more information and the possibility to continue the success of Grześkowiak s.c., get in contact with biuro@dahon.pl