The world on a bike with 16″ wheels

The world on a bike with 16″ wheels

So much love from our folding bike community: We were flattered when we saw this work and would like to share it with you.
Dive into an artist’s diary and follow her along the way on a road trip across the United States. On a DAHON Curve SL
A tiny travel guide, smaller than a box of cigarettes.

by Roxanne Henkle

“The world on a bike with 16″ wheels” – A Tiny Diary of a Road Trip on a Folding Bike

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The author and artist, Roxanne Henkle, has submitted this booklet to the Brooklyn Art Library. All the sketches are hers from her personal travels with on a 16″ DAHON Curve SL.

The sketchbook is tiny with dimensions of 2.33 x 1.66″ (appr. 60 x 42 mm). Small but powerful – just as her folding bike.


Follow Roxanne Henkle on her Travel Page on Facebook – The Spazhouse North American Tour or check out her Instagram.