Most popular Facebook posts Q1 2022

Most popular Facebook posts Q1 2022

At DAHON HQ already there has been a lot to smile about in its 40th birthday year, with the recent announcement about the limited edition Anniversary 40 bike and exhibiting at the Taipei Cycle Show virtually. Also on the horizon in 2022 will be the launches of more electric rides CURL Ei4 and E-Scooter.

As Q1 of 2022 has come to a close we thought we would check out which DAHON Facebook posts were most popular with our awesome fanbase from the first 3 months of this special year:

  •  This DAHON looking shiny and elegant in an urban area.👌

  •  Riding with the bright lights of Dubai!🌟
  • The Impulse model has a comeback with this cool fan pic!

  • Boardwalk in black making a statement

  • Admiring the urban skyline with this awesome ride.

We hope you enjoyed the countdown! Want your DAHON pics to be featured on official DAHON social media? Send it via DM to us on Twitter or Instagram (@dahonbikes) or Facebook (@dahonfoldingbikes).