Turkey Joins DAHON Family of Distributors

Turkey Joins DAHON Family of Distributors

Asli Bisiklet set to become a DAHON distributor in the vibrant Turkish market

Man on DAHON Vigor Outside RestarauntDuarte, California, March 12, 2014 – World leader in folding bikes, DAHON, has added yet another distributor to its network, this time expanding its presence where Europe meets Asia. Asli Bisiklet is the latest distributor to join the DAHON family and will begin to distribute DAHON models to the vibrant Turkish market immediately.

Asli Bisiklet is an established company in the Turkish bicycle industry representing many well-known brands. Asli Bisiklet will be able to supply to around 200 quality independent bicycle dealers, with whom they have a positive working relationship, giving DAHON significant coverage and presence in Turkey. Turkey is the gateway from Europe into the Middle East, and with this market DAHON adds another link in its global distribution network.

DAHON is a well-known brand within Turkey, thanks to the previous efforts of Sacit Emanet, Managing Director of Asli Bisiklet, to build up the brand. He has spent a considerable amount of time and energy promoting DAHON in the Turkish market, and as such dealers are very familiar with DAHON folding bicycles. They are awaiting DAHON’s return, in order to once again supply their customers. It is therefore appropriate for DAHON to be represented by such a committed, enthusiastic and knowledgeable company.

Dr. David Hon, DAHON’s CEO, highlighted the significance of the deal by saying, “Asli Bisiklet is the number one candidate for DAHON in Turkey; they have all the necessary business resources as well as the experience and enthusiasm for the brand”.

“We are happy to once again be working with DAHON, and to supply a brand we are passionate about to suppliers who have been requesting the return of these products”, Sacit Emanet responded.

Delivering bikes to the Turkish market will be accomplished quickly due to the close proximity of the new Bulgarian production facilities, and the transport links that between the two areas. The new distribution deal goes into effect immediately, with DAHON supplying Asli Bisiklet and shipments already arriving in retailers’ stores.


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