Beginner tips for getting out on the road!

Beginner tips for getting out on the road!

Pedal your way to a greener future.

Cycling is a standout activity for environmentally friendly travel, offering a wealth of benefits for your health, the economy, and the world around you. In this guide, we’ll share valuable tips to help kickstart your cycling journey!

Select the ideal bike for you.

Different bikes have different purposes in mind so it’s important to think about your cycling motivations and what the bulk of your journeys will be. Whether you’re prioritizing your health, looking to speed up your commute or reduce your carbon footprint, these are all perfect reasons to pick up a bicycle! Need some help? Explore our handy guide for finding your ideal DAHON here.


Safety first.

Before setting off on your first cycling adventure, prioritizing safety is of the utmost importance. Firstly, there are essentials to arm yourself with before getting out on the open road, including protective gear such as a robust helmet, reflective clothing, and high quality bike lights. Planning to bring a bag? You can ensure that your valuables are safely secured in a cycling basket or rear rack. Take a look at DAHON’s fall cycling accessories here and see what we recommend. Finally, it is incredibly important to familiarize yourself with your local cycling laws and best practices to ensure a smooth journey.

Start small.

If your first trip feels daunting, start small. You can always gear up those short journeys by small increments, eventually evolving into miles and miles of unforgettable adventures. Think about easy ways you can incorporate cycling into your routine, for example, a small mile trip to the shop is far easier than a 10 mile journey to work. A gradual approach grows your confidence and makes those journeys feel less intimidating.


Share the Joys of Cycling.

Riding is not only heaps of fun but also nurtures lasting friendships. Some of your friends may already be seasoned cyclists! Explore the world of cycling alongside your pals, or you may want to consider joining local cycle groups to meet new buddies!  These can be researched online and may add some extra excitement to your cycling escapades.

Have fun!

Starting a cycling routine may appear challenging at first, but like so many other activities the more you get out on the road, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become! It may be an adjustment in the beginning both physically and mentally, but cycling unlocks a world of independent exploration and adventure!


Riding offers a treasure trove of advantages for you and the planet. We’re excited to hear all about your DAHON-inspired adventures on our social media. Join the eco-friendly revolution and let your biking adventures begin today!