The definitive guide for buying a DAHON

The definitive guide for buying a DAHON

Spring is the perfect time to think about cycling, whether you’re considering investing in your first foldie or even just updating your DAHON. We’re here to give you an ultimate guide on which model is ideal to complement your lifestyle.

To begin, it’s crucial to consider a few key aspects. Firstly, what type of journeys do you want to do on your bike? Secondly, what’s your budget? Finally are you considering electric? It’s important to reflect on these initial questions so you can make an informed choice.


Need something sporty?

The Mu LX could be your next speedy companion. Our sleek, ultra-lightweight 9kg (21lbs) frame is complete with 11 speeds, and rides on custom niobium rims. This aerodynamic ride has been specced for light and premium performance and is ideal for jetting around. Fitting more into the road category, the Mu LX will perform just as well in the city streets, although you might be a little more protective about taking it over rough potholes!


Need a stylish 2 wheeled friend?


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Our retro-inspired, Boardwalk D7 is a fashionable choice for riders looking for a chic and smooth ride. With 7 speeds and a classic chromoly frame in a range of stunning colours including copper, forest green, black red, and guilt, there’s a perfect option for every fashion-forward cyclist. Boardwalk lovers adore the look and feel of steel tube frames, and you might just become one of them.


Got a lot to carry?

If you haven’t met our latest models, this is The Cargoe T5. This luxury electric model is coming soon, and is designed for effortless mobility, with a maximum cargo capacity of 250kg which is 50% higher than other similar models. Complete with a 160-200km range thanks to the 250W mid-motor, and 48W/20Ah battery, just like any DAHON, it folds away to reduce its stowing footprint and maximise your convenience. Keep an eye out for our newest e-cargo model and revolutionize those heavy journeys.


Interested in outdoor exploration?

Our GB-2 is larger framed bike designed specifically for outdoor adventures, featuring 27.5” 650b gravel tires, concealed LockJaw hinges, and an aluminium frame. The folding mechanism blends smoothly with the frame, and allows for a variety of transport options to take you all the way in your outdoor outings. Folding bikes aren’t always about small wheels and frame configurations. GB-2 brings you a new kind of freedom to pack away your ‘big’ bike and go exploring.


Prefer an electric model?

Say hello to the Unio E20, one of our unique E-bikes. Our lightweight 18.7kg model is complete with a 200W/36V concealed mid-motor and 36V/8.7AH seat-post battery. Add some extra ease to your journeys with this long-range electric model, without compromising on style. You might want to go electric to save your energy on long commutes, or to give your joints a break, to arrive at your destination a bit less sweaty, or just because you don’t want to thrash away at big hills. More and more people are coming around to electric assist, and this DAHON will not disappoint.


Are you on a budget?

Our most budget-friendly foldie, the HIT, is designed with everyone in mind. Our sturdy frame complete with a stabilising deletec cable, has a 137kg weight limit (300lbs) and, an increased 10 year warranty. With all the folding features and comfortable riding geometry you know from DAHON, you won’t have to sacrifice on quality with our economic model.


Need an all-rounder?

Our most popular model, the Mariner D8 is overwhelmingly well regarded by the press and public as one of the best folding bikes for our affordability and practicality. Complete with rust-resistant aluminum chains, ride in rain or shine. This model is optimized for multi-modal travel, and is ideal for your commute or an outdoorsy getaway. The Mariner is so called for its popularity among the boating community, but it is just as at home on land too.


Folding bikes are a great environmentally conscious travel alternative made to complement your lifestyle. From commuting to adventure, there’s a DAHON for you. Think we’ve helped you find your perfect match? Let us know and get in touch with your national distributor.


Please note model specs can vary slightly through different regions and years, get the most up-to-date info and pricing available for this model in your country by getting in touch with your local DAHON dealer/distributor by accessing their contact details.